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  • Latest news from top industry sites, including the Federal Register
  • Links updated weekly

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  • Links updated weekly
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C o m i n g   s o o n !

We all know that keeping up to date with the latest in the industry is vital to staying ahead.  But in our age of information-overload and the media's ability to publish 24/7, who has the time? In fact we often get asked…”How do you keep up with everything?” 

We owe much of that to the company we keep. We're fortunate that our Study Teams and Center subscribers include influential and well-connected industry stakeholders who regularly alert us to breaking news, regulatory updates, timelines and trends. We've also recently hired a Director of Research to keep a daily eye on the pharma world.

Introducing StayCurrent.

With these informational assets at our fingertips, we're excited to announce StayCurrent, a healthcare/ pharma supply chain news monitoring and alert service designed for those who understand the importance of staying informed, but simply don't have the time. 

How it works:

  • We sort through hundreds of industry websites for latest news, trends, events and regulatory information
  • Sites include well-read industry publications, blogs and other respected media outlets
  • PRO Service includes Federal Registry content
  • Articles are briefly summarized for a quick scan of the content
  • For further reading, summaries contain a live link to original article/source.