In late 2015, the Center for Supply Chain Studies was created as a reference and educational resource for the supply chain industry. Our nonprofit and neutral environment operates with one overall mission: to improve supply chain efficiencies, enhance practices and improve overall patient and consumer safety.

With this mission in mind, we combine industry expertise with our unique approach to exploration and education, creating an exciting and innovative business experience – one that not only accelerates the process of learning, discovery and decision-making, but also increases the value of group collaboration.

The Center hosts ReferenceModel-based “Studies” to address the ever-growing challenges and demands that face all stakeholders in the supply chain. Initiated by the industry, Studies are formed to provide participants with an open forum for discussion, free-thinking, closer analysis, and access to the insights and perspectives of key thought leaders from industry, academia, regulatory and other arenas.

At the completion of a Study, all findings result in simulated ReferenceModels, White Papers and Education Modules (coming soon!) to be published, housed and openly shared on the Center's online resource, the Healthcare Library.

We truly believe that a community approach to research, discovery and evidence-based information sharing paves the way for deeper understanding, fresh innovations and new possibilities.

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