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An open forum for group exploration, industry compliance and education.

Our mission. The Center for Supply Chain Studies opened its doors in 2015 as a nonprofit, vendor-neutral, open industry forum. Through exploration and education, our goal is to assist the pharma supply chain in its efforts to improve efficiencies and streamline compliance.

Partners in discovery. Trusted as forward-thinking thought leaders, we closely monitor the industry and share our insights on emerging technologies and trends with all stakeholders.

Regulatory guidance. With a special focus and expertise on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, we provide guidance and clarification of government standards and regulations surrounding track & trace implementation, serialization and other aspects of the supply chain.

Group exploration and education. We host group-funded Studies as a way for the industry to more easily exchange ideas and share expertise – supporting our belief that the diversities in perspectives, viewpoints and experience may lead to greater discovery and innovation.

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