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The Center for Supply Chain Studies hosts ReferenceModel-based Studies as a way for supply chain stakeholders to come together and address today’s ever-changing issues and challenges. Initiated by the Industry, Studies provide a neutral, open forum that is intended to foster community collaboration and exploration, and accelerate the processes of learning, discovery and decision-making.

At the completion of a Study, all evidence-based findings result in meaningful resource content that will be accessible for you here, including ReferenceModels, VirtualPosters (self-guided education modules), White Papers and VirtualShowcases.

Please also visit our healthcare ReferenceRoom. Here you'll find both "Contributed" content and "Special Selection" links to openly published reference materials produced by others in the Industry (including Universities, Hospitals, Research Centers and other supply chain stakeholders).

Initially, we’re focusing our efforts on Healthcare. However, much of what the Center offers applies to other industries that we're currently working with. So, as the Center grows, you'll begin to see new educational content for Consumer Goods, Fresh Foods, Aerospace, Automotive, Specialty Chemicals and more.

Please stay with us as our Library grows.