Healthcare ReferenceModels.

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The Center for Supply Chain Studies entered into an agreement with RC Partners LLC to be able to use their innovative approach for its Studies to create, maintain and reuse simulation models. While the learnings from a particular simulation can be captured in tables, diagrams and papers, the simulations themselves are interactive computer systems that allow the viewer to: 

1) Interact with the topic at hand, and
2) Watch the result of that interaction play out before them. 

During the course of a Study, the processes, metrics and information flows are verified with the Study Team participants. This results in a reusable simulation that is considered a reference for those verified processes and information flows. From that point on, we refer to the simulation as a ReferenceModel.  

"What is a ReferenceModel?" - Q&A section




The video below demonstrates the basics of a simulation that, once completed, verified and accepted by industry, would be published as a ReferenceModel for a particular process, information or financial flow. The generic model can then be altered to reflect a company's specific environment to assess alternatives and predict outcomes of the actual implementation of these flow changes, as well as gauge the impact on other business practices.

U.S. Drug Supply Chain sample ReferenceModel - Simulation Explanation Video

The following example depicts a ReferenceModel in progress and allows you to exercise the model. At thi writing, the authors are completing the User Instructions, but, feel free to try it out and experiment a bit with it.  Once the User Instructions are complete, we will provide more information that will help you exercise the model and gain a better appreciation of the power of ReferenceModels.  

U.S. Drug Supply Chain sample ReferenceModel - Simulation Example