To keep the conversation going,
we need to stay connected.

The Center for Supply Chain Studies (C4SCS) provides this community-driven forum as a way for the industry to communicate, collaborate and explore new ideas. We support our community of industry, government, standards bodies and academia professionals through a variety of tools and opportunities, including networking, partnering and education.

Membership is open to all individuals and companies, as well as those who have an interest in working with other members on specific projects or Studies.

As a neutral, nonprofit entity, we do not endorse the capabilities of one provider over another. Further, we are not an association or lobbying organization.


Membership gives you:

  • The platform and tools to effectively network and collaborate with others
  • Special access to research reports, white papers, industry scenarios and other material produced by the member community
  • Cost-sharing of exploratory projects (through annual membership fee)
  • Increased industry participation in projects (less companies are excluded)
  • A place to continue and initiate important discussions in between larger activities (i.e. Studies)
  • Ability to address smaller (yet, no less important) issues through focused workgroups and discussion boards
  • Sponsorship opportunities (i.e. webinars, Studies, workgroups, etc.)