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Center Announces Alliance with Gordian Knot Analytics Group

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Partnership to combine efforts to better serve industry and increase overall patient safety.

Newtown, PA — April 11, 2016  The Center for Supply Chain Studies (CSCS), a neutral, non-profit, ReferenceModel-based explorational and educational forum, today announced a business alliance with Gordian Knot Analytics Group of Philadelphia, PA.

The alliance was formed with an overall goal of pooling together the unique talents and abilities of both companies to provide more robust analysis and interpretation of the business processes and challenges impacting today’s healthcare supply chain.

“We’re very enthusiastic about working with Gordian Knot and the value this affiliation will bring to the industry,” said Bob Celeste, Founder of CSCS. “Our ReferenceModel-based, industry-wide Studies provide a simple way to explore complex issues. By combining our modeling expertise with their analytical & predictive modeling capabilities, we’re able to provide even deeper insight into the very issues our Study Teams address.”

According to Lawrence Choi, CEO and Co-Founder of Gordian Knot, “We see great things in aligning ourselves with the Center. Their Studies not only provide a new opportunity for our company to offer the value of our analytical services and software, but also allow us to contribute to the industry’s drive toward patient safety.”

The collaboration will begin with the Center’s “DSCSA in the Hospital” and “UDI in the Hospital” Studies. Currently in their formation stages, the Studies will work with a number of hospitals, suppliers and solution providers to examine the benefits of using Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and Unique Device Identification (UDI) data to track pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the hospital setting.

About Center for Supply Chain Studies (CSCS)
The Center was established as a neutral, nonprofit, open forum with an overall mission to improve supply chain efficiencies, enhance practices and improve overall patient and consumer safety.

The Center hosts ReferenceModel-based “Studies” in an effort to increase the value of community collaboration and exploration by bringing together experts and thought leaders from industry, academia, regulatory and other arenas to take a closer look at the issues facing today’s supply chains. Studies are initiated by the industry and result in the publication and dissemination of resourceful evidence-based content housed in the Center’s “Reference & Education” Library.

About Gordian Knot Analytics Group LLC
Gordian Knot Analytics Group (GKAG) is an IP-driven, analytics-based company focused on creating new ways to address the distinct and inherent challenges posed by today’s “big data.” As part of this mission, the company has developed VergilTM, a sophisticated analytics & predictive modeling software designed to create an entirely new way of examining and building predictive models. Because the software has no limit to the number of internal and external variables it can simultaneously consider, Gordian Knot can offer its clients a more holistic understanding of what drives best outcomes. Visit

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