Proof-of-Concept Pilot Teams
DSCSA & Blockchain Phase 2

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We invite you to browse the Team PoCs below. To put them in the correct context, the best place to start is the Meeting & Study backgrounder which provides full detail of how we got here...and where we're going next.

Team Blue developed a distributed platform to be *owned and operated by industry* to demonstrate its ability to meet all track & trace requirements, as well as be a platform for future business process innovation. It covers all movements of the drug up to the point where it is removed from the manufacturer’s packaging/unique identifier, and its design is based on the initial commissioning, then change-of-ownership, of those identifiers. (FULL OVERVIEW) 

Team Purple demonstrated how digital ledger technology is complimentary to existing track & trace solutions and a blockchain-based, end-to-end tracking solution that can be used to easily transfer data from one party to another, improve operational efficiency, and create a positive impact on patient outcomes. Team demonstrates a fully viable 2023 interoperable solution that meets the regulatory requirements of DSCSA and beyond. (FULL OVERVIEW)

Team Green came together to build a pilot platform that demonstrates blockchain as a viable solution for compliance with upcoming DSCSA interoperability system requirements. Presentation is designed for a broad audience of stakeholders across the entire life sciences and healthcare spectrum including manufacturers, wholesalers, dispensers, regulators and logistics providers. (FULL OVERVIEW)

Team Orange proposed how a secure open source storage system housing encrypted and non-encrypted data can be used in conjunction with blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies to meet the data exchange requirements of both the DSCSA and the industry at large. This open-source, blockchain-validated solution is focused on interoperability and scalability in heterogeneous trading partner environments and allow partners to securely store, validate, and exchange product tracing info. Intended to be complimentary to existing track & trace solutions. (FULL OVERVIEW)

Team Aqua designed an enterprise-wide blockchain solution for asset traceability and data transparency that allows unrelated parties to have end-to-end visibility across the value chain regarding transfer of ownership, business events and transactions. Business logic will be applied and implemented via chain codes (Smart Contracts) and combined with analytics to dashboard the asset information. Utilizing the “product-centric” ReferenceModel #3 developed in “DSCSA & Blockchain Phase 1” Study.  (FULL OVERVIEW)

Team Yellow demonstrated how an immutable chain of custody and granularity of ownership can reshape logistics, and shows current advances enabled by FDA led GS1 GTIN and PI labeled unique identification and demonstrate full ‘creation to end use’ traceability. Real examples then illustrate why a distributed ledger and blockchain are necessary and suitable as part of a traceability solution for pharma.(FULL OVERVIEW)