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Collaboration, exploration, discovery.

What is a Study? The Center hosts group-funded VirtualPilot Studies as a way for the industry to come together, exchange ideas and share their expertise. We incorporate simulation into our modeling process to allow participants to test and analyze a wider range of variables and scenarios that may lead to deeper understanding, advanced technologies and innovation.

Benefits of a Study:

  • Brings together people with unique insights, perspectives and expertise

  • Participants pool expenses & resources so the work gets off-the ground more quickly

  • Meetings take place via phone or online, without geographical constraints

  • Simulation allows for flexibility to experiment and test more scenarios

  • Provides a platform for thought leaders to lead the way in industry education and discovery

The Study Process. During a Study, the Team has unlimited access to work-in-progress documents, weekly meeting recaps and monthly summaries. A Study blog is created to facilitate a free-flow of dialogue, feedback, ideas and opinions. Upon completion, the Center archives all artifacts including ReferenceModels, White Papers, Education Modules and Topic Monographs. Only the Team's agreed-upon archives are openly published for general access and further use.

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