Pursuing innovation through collaboration and exploration.

The Center hosts and facilitates group-funded VirtualPilot Studies as a way for the industry to come together, openly exchange ideas and share their expertise . Our Studies use a simulated modeling process that allows participants to test and analyze a wider range of variables and scenarios that may lead to deeper understanding, advanced technologies and new innovation.

  • By pooling together industry talents and resources, Study Teams are able to:
  • Virtually come together without geographical constraints
  • Gain insights from new perspectives and different areas of expertise
  • Experiment and test, allowing for repetition to clarify any uncertainty
  • Share in expenses. including the costs of traditional buildings and laboratories
  • Lead the way through industry education, exploration and discovery

The Study Process
During a Study, Core Teams have unlimited access to work-in-progress documents, weekly meeting recaps and monthly summaries. A Study blog is created to facilitate an open, free-flow of dialogue, feedback, ideas and opinions. 

Upon completion of a Study, the Center archives all artifacts including ReferenceModels, White Papers, Education Modules and Topic Monographs. Only the agreed-upon Team archives are openly published for general access and further use.